Silva Cell Root Biocells

The more healthy soil and space is available to trees, the bigger they can grow – and the bigger a tree grows, the more significant environmental and social benefit it provides.

Yet in urban environments, urban tree growth is often stunted as tree roots have limited access to both good quality soil and space.  And if a tree does fully mature, they start to cause other problems from interfering with services and utilities such as storm water and sewer pipes to buckling sidewalks from expanding roots which are hazardous and a major cost to repair.

The Natural Habitats’ Root Biocell is a modular frame containing healthy soil beneath hard surfaces while continuing to support traffic loads up to 14,500kg’s weight per axle as well as protecting and allowing access to services and utilities.

As our Biocells are filled with high-quality, uncompacted soil enabling trees to grow and mature, an added benefit is the cell’s ability to manage the filtration, storage and volume of storm water at its source by utilising the proven capacity of soils to act as an underground bio-detention system.

Easily installed with minimum construction in new or existing developments, our Root Biocells’ modular system can be easily sized to accommodate the needs of any site without compromising effectiveness or site design.

The result is enabling trees to reach their optimal growth, as well as offering the ecological solution to treating surface water at its source looked for by regulatory bodies.

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