Eliza Whalley

Liza is a highly experienced, qualified and passionate member of our Care division.

As a winner of numerous industry awards, Liza has represented Parks and Gardens in the National Young Horticulturist of the Year (achieving second overall, among several significant accolades including the AGMARDT Business Innovation Project).  

Holding a Bachelor of Horticultural Science, Liza also holds NZQA Level 4 Advanced qualifications in Nursery Production as well as Amenity Horticulture.

Liza’s more than 10-years’ experience in native and exotic nursery production, as well as ecological restoration, includes a recent study trip to the prestigious Kew Gardens in London.

These skills and knowledge, combined to Liza’s natural customer focus and personable nature, means our clients value her professional pride in elevating their elite gardens to their greatest potential.