Port Waikato Eco Pillows


Port Waikato

Demonstrates the benefits of the Eco Pillow:

  • How lightweight the Eco Pillow is at 50kg/m2 allowing for retro fitment on buildings

  • Quick to install with reduced maintenance during establishment, as weeds cannot penetrate the fully encased product

  • Pre-grown modules, so semi-mature plants provide cover from day one

“Creating a lightweight and modular product were design priorities. By reducing overall weight, we reduce the builders need for additional structural support and open the possibility of retrofitting - something we feel the market is demanding” says Graham Cleary, Director of Natural Habitats.

Green Roofs radically decrease stormwater runoff, therefore reducing the cost of disposal and environmental concerns,They also provide greater insulation for a building, prolong the life of the roof membrane and reduce noise penetration.

Installing a Green Roof makes a valuable contribution to the external environment by providing habitats which promote biodiversity. They are great to look at and increase the real estate worth of the building they are on.

Watch our lastest installation timelapse here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=513077225386276